A message from the author…

I have a question.

Do you think financial education is important for children?

And what about personal growth, the power of positive thinking, the importance of contribution… that type of thing?

Of course you do… and so do I. But when I was at school there wasn’t too much emphasis on teaching us kids about money, business, prosperity principles and the like. Now it’s more than 30 years later and unfortunately not much has changed. Schools leave it to the parents… but what if the parents don’t know either? Mine didn’t! My mum and dad were always broke, and with financial role models like them I guess it was no surprise when a few years ago I lost my business and went completely broke too!

Those were hard times… but instead of giving up I decided to go on a journey of learning and personal development in order to find out where I went wrong. After much study, I started to learn and apply the basic principles required for success, and I’m now a well paid copywriter, I’m partner in a very successful casino entertainment business, and I own a company providing rope access services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

I also have 4 books published, and I get paid to speak at events and go into schools to talk about entrepreneurship with the children.

And I look forward to the future with gratitude, excitement and hope!

But it didn’t happen overnight…

A large part of success in anything is about simple disciplines done on a daily basis. It takes time… so don’t believe all these ‘get rich quick’ stories from people trying to sell you something. Things for us got really tough, and it’s awful to keep relying on loans and handouts from family members… but a few years have passed since my bankruptcy, and they’re now a whole lot better… and boy have I learned a lot.

And now my ‘mission in life’ is to pass on my new found ‘wisdom’ to children before they get programmed for mediocrity by the education system, the media, ‘well meaning’ family members, and the world in general. I would go on to say that these lessons are even more important today than they were in the past. I believe today’s world is totally different from the world I grew up in. The system is broken. There are no more ‘jobs for life’… and there will be no money left in the pension pot for the children growing up today.

And of course if the world is different, education will have to be different. A whole new mindset will be needed. Young people will have to think differently and learn a whole new set of skills if they are going to prosper in tomorrow’s economy, and Alfie Potts™ can help them with that. Please take a look at the books below, and if you feel they may give some inspiration to a child in your life, why not buy them as a gift?

You never know, you may just inspire the next Richard Branson or Steve Jobs! 🙂

If you’d like to have a read first, you can download a pdf copy of the first Alfie Potts story by clicking here!  Use the password AFFLUENCE to open it.

About the Books

Alfie Potts™ is a twelve year old schoolboy who, with the help and mentorship of his father, becomes an entrepreneur. Over the course of the storybooks, Alfie gets to learn a series of ‘life lessons‘ that don’t get taught in school. The aim of the Alfie Potts™ books is to empower both children and parents into thinking differently, developing themselves, and becoming the best they can be, knowing that by doing so anything becomes possible!

Book 1 – The Schoolboy Entrepreneur


In the first Alfie Potts story book Alfie learns the power of ‘ideas‘ and ‘problem solving‘. He starts his first business venture and earns his first wages, but it soon dawns on him that trading his time for money can have its drawbacks. After a lesson from Dad, Alfie learns the power of ‘leverage‘ and soon achieves his goal and more!

“My Grandson Calvin (11), inspired by Alfie Potts, has earned in excess of £40 during half term week, by designing his own leaflet and circulating it to the neighbours! I was speaking to his mum yesterday and she says he has now recruited his friend to help with the leaf clearing, but Calvin pays him less because it’s his business and he has to take his cut first”…Mike Kirkham

“I love the book about Alfie:) My grandma Helga got it for me, it’s really great and I’m now running a cake business. Thank you for making such an awesome book!”Sophia Sparrow (14)

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Book 2 – Alfie and the Mind Virus


In the second Alfie Potts story, Alfie gets a shock at school when one of his teachers isn’t exactly thrilled by his entrepreneurial success. He then learns a lesson from Dad about ‘lack programming‘ and is amazed to see a destructive ’Mind Virus‘ already working away at some of his very young friends. It could spell disaster for the school sports teams, but fortunately Dad teaches Alfie some lessons in ‘contribution‘ and ‘prosperity‘, and his creative ideas go on to save the day!

‎”Alfie Potts book 2 has inspired me to do things for charity and I recently walked on fire to raise some money. I plan to start on my own business with Aleco’s Ironing Services”… Alex Fletcher, age 9

“I have read Alfie Potts several times and learned loads of cool stuff. It inspired me to start a business selling plants to earn money!”Lewis Edmonds (11)

“I think Alfie Potts books are great! I KNOW I want to be an entrepreneur like Alfie. I can’t wait for the next one!”…Ben Dawson (9)

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Book 3 – Alfie and the Seminar


In book 3 Alfie sees something he really wants, but is disappointed to find he doesn’t have enough money to buy it. His Dad then teaches him about ‘value to the marketplace‘, and he takes Alfie to see what he means first hand.

His eyes well and truly opened, Alfie gets way out of his comfort zone and plans his first seminar, and the value he provides means he soon gets what he wants and more.

“I really enjoyed reading the first 2 Alfie Potts Books. I think that I am going to be an Entrepreneur just like Alfie, because it is better than getting a Job”… Lewis Rowell, Age 9

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Book 4 – Alfie and the Toy Hunter

3d-book-4 (2)

In ‘Alfie and the Toy Hunter’ Alfie meets his entrepreneurial match in Tracey Bryan, a young dyslexic girl who has recently started at Alfie’s school.

After selling her a toy car for £2.50 at a car boot sale, he sees Tracey immediately sell it on for £50. Annoyed, but fascinated by how she knew the car was worth so much, Alfie befriends Tracey and together they form a joint venture and make more money than either of them bargained for!

‘My name is Alanna and I am 14. I got your “Alfie Potts” books for Christmas. I loved them, and I started my own company selling bracelets in my school, I made over 60 euro! I gave 10% of the money made to my schools charity and they were delighted. Thank you so much for your help, if it wasn’t for you and those lovely inscriptions you wrote I would never have become an entrepreneur ….  Alanna Kennedy

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